September 14, 2012

Am I a Friday night loser?

I live in NYC, so I have a huge choice of options for how I spend my Friday nights. But generally, you know what I do?

I plot.

Not to kill someone. Well, maybe I do, and maybe I don't. It depends what kind of mood I'm in.

I sit with my laptop on my lap, literally, with my cat Sophia next to me, and I plot my upcoming stories. And not just for The Pandora Chronicles, oh no.

I'm also plotting a series of stories based on traveling the NYC subway system. Now if that isn't an apocalyptic horror story sometimes, I'm not sure what is.

Like the story a friend of mine told me about fainting on the subway train one time. A guy carried her out of the train, set her down on the platform, and them promptly got back on the train. She woke up to a woman standing over her saying, "It's OK, honey, he didn't take your purse. I have it right here." The woman rode with her to the hospital.

So I guess chivalry is only partly dead?

Some of my characters will end up more than partly dead, I guarantee that. ;-)

Does this make me a loser, that I spend my Friday nights plotting? You tell me.

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