March 4, 2013

A character's weaknesses

If you've been reading The Pandora Chronicles, you know that Hope has a few weaknesses. First, she doesn't always say what she's thinking or feeling, especially in regards to Jake. He's much more open about how he feels and what he thinks -- almost to the point of annoying Hope.

Why does Hope keep things inside most of the time?

I think she knows there's something serious that she has to do, and she doesn't want Jake to suffer any potential consequences along with her.

The other weakness Hope has, of course, is a physical one. When she nearly died of The Paralyzing as a young girl, she was left with fainting spells that -- pardon the pun -- plague her. She never knows when one will happen, so she carries ammonia pellets in her pocket all the time.

Do you notice any other weaknesses in Hope's character? Let me know in the comments!

OK, back to writing and plotting Story 6 ...

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