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Story 1: It is the year 2050, and for more than 20 years, suburbanites of Arcadia have suffered tremendous grief and loss every autumn, when the annual plague descends for its three-month run. The Pandora Chronicles tell the story of Hope, an 18-year-old woman who is determined to find the cause -- and cure -- for these plagues. Her father is already dead, and she almost lost her life, too. Who will survive? Will she discover the answers she seeks? Follow the story as it unfolds in each episode. Read Story 1: Pandora (The Pandora Chronicles Short Story Series)

Story 2: The autumn plague arrives -- six days early. Hope decides to volunteer at her suburb's hospital, but someone else has other ideas. Who is trying to send her a message, and why? Find out how The Breaking attacks and kills its victims, and how the survivors cope in the aftermath. Read Story 2: The Breaking (The Pandora Chronicles Short Story Series)

Story 3: Sometimes you just know, even when you don't know WHY, that you absolutely must find answers to your most pressing questions. So you pursue, pursue, pursue those answers to the point of exhaustion. And often, the answers you find along the way raise even more questions. Questions you're not sure you ultimately want to answer. This is where Hope finds herself -- in "Freefall." Read Story 3: Freefall (The Pandora Chronicles Short Story Series)

Story 4: Learning the truth about who you are can come at a steep price. In the fourth episode, Hope and Jake, our young adult heroine and hero, find a key piece of the Pandora puzzle. But at what cost? And will it be worth it, in the end? Read Story 4: Blood Line Zero (The Pandora Chronicles Short Story Series)

Story 5: Where do you go when there's no way out? In the fifth episode, Hope has to rely on her own inner strength and the strength of others to find not only an escape, but a way toward acceptance -- of who she is and what she must do. But how can she possibly face this truth, knowing what it will mean for her and for those she loves? Read Story 5: The Network (The Pandora Chronicles Short Story Series)

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