February 28, 2013

Have you read The Doomsday Book?

Have you read The Doomsday Book, by Connie Willis? If you like time travel, you'll love it. The author creates some really fun characters, and it's great for me because it's set in Oxford, which I visited just this past December. I'm really enjoying it, thanks to a friend of mine who recommended it to me. She's definitely a book expert: she works at Scholastic, the magical place that published Harry Potter and also The Hunger Games. Maybe The Pandora Chronicles will be next!

Speaking of The Pandora Chronicles, I'm so excited about Story 6. We're in the second half of this series now, folks. I know there will be at least Story 6 and Story 7, and there may be a Story 8 to finish it off. It just depends how much more there is for Hope and Jake to do once Story 6 is done, so this is a pivotal moment for us.

Stay tuned ...

February 24, 2013

Thank you for the reviews

Just a quick note of "thanks" to everyone who has written -- or plans to write -- a review of any of my stories on Amazon. More than just helping the search-engine ranking of the stories, the reviews mean a lot to me, they really do.

That someone would take a moment to write something nice about one of my stories? Really, it just makes my day, my week, my month ... heck, it makes my year.

So here is a big


I appreciate it so very much.

Episodes 6, 7 ... and possibly 8?

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, wherever you are. It's been drizzly here in NYC so far, but the sky is a little brighter today (Sunday). Still not quite enough to warm up these native-California bones of mine, but I'll take 40 degrees over 30 (or 20 or 10) any day.

I'm plotting Story 6 of The Pandora Chronicles and am starting to write it today, and something dawned on me: I might need 8 episodes for this series!

If you're a fan, I suppose that won't upset you too much. ;-) And as the author, I can tell you that it definitely doesn't upset me at all! I enjoy spending time with Hope and Jake and all the other characters we've grown to know and love.

March will be a busy writing month for me. If only I didn't have a 9-to-5 job, I could write even faster ... but I'm going to make a promise, which is that Story 6 will definitely be published this month. And if I can find the time, Story 7, too.

That's the goal: Stories 6 and 7 published in March. With possibly an 8th episode coming in April.

Send good writing vibes, OK? More like, send good vibes that I don't have to work overtime at my "real" job so that I can spend time with Hope and Jake.

I mean really, which is more important? My "regular" job, or my job of creating all the thrills and chills of Pandora?

OK, here I go ... Diving head first into writing Story 6!

February 19, 2013

Get hooked (for less dough)

One of my readers calls the stories "addictive." Another keeps telling me to "write faster." (I'm trying, I really am!)

Now it's your turn to get hooked on The Pandora Chronicles: Stories 1-4.

Buy them all in one book and save a buck off the individual price of the stories.Then you can pick up  Story 5, The Network, and join my fans who are hungering for more episodes of Hope and Jake's quest to end the plagues.

What are you waiting for? Read The Pandora Chronicles: Stories 1-4 today.

February 16, 2013

Coming soon: Compilation of stories 1-4

Happy Saturday, everyone! (Is it still Saturday where you are?)

I had a fun day today. Decided to take advantage of some pre-spring sales at Macy's and J. Crew. Here in NYC, the stores are often pretty crowded. But today they weren't super busy, and you know what? I actually enjoy the crowds sometimes. Makes everything seem more alive and fun.

I scored a couple of dresses (one little black dress and one maxi dress for summer) a belt and a sweater (lavender), all at 50-65 percent off the normal retail price. I'll take it!

Within the next few days, I'm going to offer stories 1-4 of The Pandora Chronicles in one volume. I'll be sure and alert you when it's ready.

I'm already writing story 6. I'm on a roll. Or maybe a bagel?

February 15, 2013

"Totally addictive. Impossible to read just one."

--- one of my readers

It is the year 2050, and for more than 20 years, suburbanites of Arcadia have suffered tremendous grief and loss every autumn, when the annual plague descends for its three-month run. The Pandora Chronicles tell the story of Hope, an 18-year-old woman who is determined to find the cause -- and cure -- for these plagues. Her father is already dead, and she almost lost her life, too. Who will survive? Will she discover the answers she seeks? Follow the story as it unfolds in each episode. Read Story 1: Pandora (The Pandora Chronicles Short Story Series)

February 13, 2013

I have the best fans

Seriously, you are the best, my readers. I had kind of a cruddy day ... Ok, a cruddy week, actually ... And your wonderful comments about The Pandora Chronicles turned the light back on in my life. Thank you so much.

The Network: fixed and ready!

I fixed my slight goof in "The Network." Sorry about that. Just goes to show that an actual human being is writing and publishing these stories. :-)

I had so much fun writing this one. I include lots of action and suspense and revealed some new information about Hope's role.

Story 6 will reveal even more -- I've already started writing it.

Click here (or on the giant cover) to read The Network today!


February 12, 2013

Oops! I'm only human

Haha! Just noticed a funny goof in The Network, right at the end. When you get to the end, ignore the very last sentence! If you'd prefer to refund and buy a corrected copy, please do so. I'll post again when it's correct! My humble apologies.

"The Network" is live on Kindle!

Click here (or on the giant cover) to read it today!


February 11, 2013

Here it is: The cover of "The Network"

I'm about to publish The Network on Amazon, so my next post will take you to the link.

In the meantime, here is the cover ... And thanks, as always, for the support. :-)

February 3, 2013

Story 5 now has a name

No longer do I have to refer to Story 5 as, well Story 5 in The Pandora Chronicles.

Now, it's called "The Network."

And it's with the editor. Wahoo!

Stay tuned! And sorry for the loooong delay in getting this one finished and out there to you. It's been a hectic time in my life outside of writing, but all is OK now. Stories 6 and 7 are mapped out and ready to rumble under my fingers.

Next post: the cover for "The Network."