September 1, 2012

Inspired by Harry Potter

My stories in The Pandora Chronicles aren't based on magic. But they are based on heroism. I've read all the Harry Potter books, and I've seen the movies more than once (a lot more than once!). I love the idea that a handful of people, led by someone courageous, have the power to overturn -- or at least disrupt the course of -- evil. That's how I envision The Pandora Chronicles. Not as the next HP (although following in J.K.'s footsteps would be wonderful, of course). But I see them as an example I'd like to emulate, myself, which is having the courage to ask questions when something serious is at stake, and being willing to put yourself and your own physical/emotional safety on the line, if necessary. Hope is that character for me. She's the one who takes the biggest risks, and although she may be afraid sometimes, she doesn't let fear stop her. Her quest also leads her to self discovery, which can also be frightening sometimes. I'm eager to keep going on this journey with Hope.

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