September 18, 2012

Mini Movies for the Mind

I coined the phrase "mini movies for the mind" not long ago because I realized that that is exactly what my mind does when I read a book. I get comfortable in my chair, the darkness envelopes me, the screen lights up with images, the soundtrack booms -- it's all there, just like in a movie theater.

After I finish reading, the images and sounds stay with me as if I had actually watched the characters and heard them speaking.

Wow, is all I can say when I think about the power of the human mind.

My newest mini-movie creation is the third short story of The Pandora Chronicles. Get ready for an action-packed drama that you'll see, hear and experience in your own personal mind theater.

Maybe I should start eating popcorn while I read and write, just to get the full effect. I have some microwave popcorn in the cupboard somewhere ... but I don't have the butter flavoring. Love that stuff.

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