September 27, 2012

Sharing is fun (& tasty, too)

I am a total -- and I do mean total -- newbie when it comes to book promotion.

Basically, I'm relying on two things right now:

1) You, my readers, to share my stories with your friends and family :-)
2) Me, myself and I, to keep writing fun, high-quality stories for you to enjoy.

We're a team, you and me.

So if you've read my stories and have enjoyed them, please tell your friends. You can take advantage of Amazon's lending program, too. It's just like the old days, when you'd lend a friend an "actual" book (after writing your name in it, of course!).

There's nothing better than sharing something we find with another person and turning them on to it -- and then having those awesome conversations about it ("What did you think it meant when he said that?" "What do you think will happen next?").

I'll share my book "finds" with you, too, OK? My latest is "Half-Broke Horses," by Jeannette Walls. LOVED IT. Great family story about an adventurous woman who didn't settle for anything, ever.

I am so very appreciative when a reader tweets about my stories or posts something on FB about them. It makes my heart sing.

Here's a giant

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