October 18, 2012

Writing story 4: I need chocolate

One of my favorite things about writing fiction is that I'm in charge of everything that happens.

As I've been writing the stories in The Pandora Chronicles, I've started with the end: Where do I want Hope and Jake to be at the end of each episode?

I make a decision. Then I write a bullet list of scenes that will get them there. And then, I fill in the blanks. That's the really fun part.

You may have noticed that so far, each story takes place in Hope's life in real time. There may be sections in the stories when Hope is remembering past events, but the action itself takes place often in just one day.

This situation presents a writing challenge that I find endlessly fun to tackle, because everything is immediate.

And we all want instant gratification, right?

Like chocolate ... crap, I don't have any in the house right now! Time to end this post so I can walk to the deli and get some. :-) Then it's back to writing Hope and Jake's next episode ...

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