November 2, 2012

Story 4: Almost done!

I had some time on my hands this week because of the hurricane, which allowed me to make some great progress on story 4.

I think I'll let the hoopla of the hurricane and then the election die down before I publish it, which will give my editor more time to review, as well. I want it to be perfect for all of Hope and Jake's fans!

Speaking of fans, if you've enjoyed reading the Pandora Chronicles stories so far, please tell your friends and also write a review on Amazon. I'd sure appreciate it. Stories 2 and 3 need some love on Amazon. :-)

I'm also doing a free promotion in early November, which I'll publicize widely. If you have any friends who are on the fence about starting a new book series, maybe a freebie will entice them. Sign up on this website to hear about it first.

Thanks, as always, for the great support. Hope, Jake and I appreciate it.

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