December 4, 2012

10 reasons to love Hope

Hope, an 18- (almost 19) year-old woman, is the main character in my short story series The Pandora Chronicles. Here are 10 reasons to love Hope:
  1. She's smart.
  2. She's driven.
  3. She cares about something bigger than herself.
  4. She puts herself at risk in order to find the truth.
  5. She's sometimes afraid and is wiling to admit it.
  6. She's strong, but she knows she can't do everything alone and asks for help.
  7. She enjoys moments in life that she can, such as the time she and Jake spend riding bikes.
  8. She feels grief very deeply.
  9. She wants to help people.
  10. She has a health problem but doesn't let it stop her from doing anything.
Get to know Hope, for free! This Friday and Saturday (Dec. 7 and 8), you can download Pandora free on Amazon Kindle. Mark your calendar, and I'll certainly remind you. Thanks, and happy reading.

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