December 1, 2012

Be a character in Story 5

It's Saturday, and I'm in a great mood because I'm working on Story 5 in The Pandora Chronicles today. It starts in a very dark place for our Hope, and that's all I'll say right now except ...

If you are the first person to comment on this post, I'll name a character after you. Just tell me what name you want me to use (only genuine names, not something X-rated or anything like that, OK?). And then you'll see him/her in Story 5 when it's published soon.

Be a part of the action and suspense. Post a comment below and name a character in my next story!

OK, back to writing for me ... and THANKS!


  1. Ooo I love that idea. I'd like to be me - Minna or you can use the longer name Minerva if it fits better.

    I'm going to dive into the first Pandora story this weekend.

  2. Minna, I'll absolutely use your name! Not sure which form, yet -- Minna and Minerva are both lovely. Thanks so much for commenting and for reading.

    Have a great day!