January 7, 2013

Follow up: Did you already BREAK any New Year's resolutions?

One minor resolution I made related to nutrition was to eat less sugar.

In my case, "less" is a relative term. Maybe I should have said, "Don't eat sugar at every meal."

I'm a big fan of Justin's peanut butter cups,
preferably the dark chocolate variety.
My downfall, honestly, is chocolate. I absolutely love it. Can't live without it. If I could, I'd eat chocolate in some form several times a day.

When I was on vacation recently, I basically did just that. And wow, did I ever enjoy myself.

But now it's back to reality, so I'm trying -- trying -- to eat less of it so as not to put on the weight that would inevitably follow that kind of positively reckless chocolate eating.

So far today -- it's 10:15 am -- I haven't had any. And I don't have any nearby, either. Can I actually go a full day without having any chocolate? Maybe I should try it and see what happens.

I'll post again tomorrow and let you know if I succeeded or failed.

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