January 15, 2013

What's your Oscar pick?

I realized today that I've seen only a handful of the movies up for Best Picture. I need to get out more!

Here's my list, with a couple of words about each one:

  • Amour: Want to see it
  • Argo: Saw it, was bored
  • Beasts of the Souther Wild: Didn't see it, not interested
  • Django Unchained: Want to see it
  • Les Misérables: Saw it, liked it but wouldn't watch it a second time
  • Life of Pi: Saw it, loved it, wanted to dream about it
  • Lincoln: Didn't see it, will wait for the rental
  • Silver Linings Playbook: Saw it, loved it, want to see it again (and again)
  • Zero Dark Thirty: Nope, want to see it
And the Oscar goes to ...

Silver Linings Playbook as Best Picture -- of the movies I've seen so far.

What's your choice for Best Picture of 2012?

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