February 24, 2013

Episodes 6, 7 ... and possibly 8?

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, wherever you are. It's been drizzly here in NYC so far, but the sky is a little brighter today (Sunday). Still not quite enough to warm up these native-California bones of mine, but I'll take 40 degrees over 30 (or 20 or 10) any day.

I'm plotting Story 6 of The Pandora Chronicles and am starting to write it today, and something dawned on me: I might need 8 episodes for this series!

If you're a fan, I suppose that won't upset you too much. ;-) And as the author, I can tell you that it definitely doesn't upset me at all! I enjoy spending time with Hope and Jake and all the other characters we've grown to know and love.

March will be a busy writing month for me. If only I didn't have a 9-to-5 job, I could write even faster ... but I'm going to make a promise, which is that Story 6 will definitely be published this month. And if I can find the time, Story 7, too.

That's the goal: Stories 6 and 7 published in March. With possibly an 8th episode coming in April.

Send good writing vibes, OK? More like, send good vibes that I don't have to work overtime at my "real" job so that I can spend time with Hope and Jake.

I mean really, which is more important? My "regular" job, or my job of creating all the thrills and chills of Pandora?

OK, here I go ... Diving head first into writing Story 6!

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