August 19, 2012

Back to the gym tomorrow

I'm so excited, because tomorrow is "Back to the Gym" day for me.

I know, I'm weird. But I absolutely love my gym. The people who work there are super nice, it's a family atmosphere -- it's inside a community center -- and the facilities are wonderful.

I had a minor ailment that I've now recuperated from, and I can't wait to start working out again. This week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And I may throw in Tuesday, just for fun. I'll probably hit the pool twice, take one class, and use the regular gym once. So excited! I love the way I feel and the way my brain works when I get regular exercise.

Of course, living in NYC means I'm a pretty active person, anyway. No car, so everything is done by subway, bus or on foot. Seems like I'm always carrying heavy bags of groceries -- no weight-lifting needed in the gym!

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