August 20, 2012

Coming soon to a Kindle (or Kindle app) near you

I finished drafting the next story in The Pandora Chronicles. It's called "The Breaking."

It begins like this:

My white uniform has no stains, and there’s no human odor in here. Not anymore.

I take a deep breath, and I can smell the metallic instruments, the bleach and antiseptic, and the plastic curtains that are meant to separate the two examination areas.

Of all the plagues I can remember, this one and The Paralyzing have been the cleanest.

I take off my rubber gloves and feel the cool, then warm water rush over my bare hands, which have started to scab in places. The warm water slows my heart rate a little, but I can’t enjoy it long. I need to scrub again. ...

This one, too, is told from Hope's point of view. She's killing time, as it were, by working in a hospital with victims of the current plague, called The Breaking.

What will she discover at the hospital? Another clue to the mystery of the plagues?

I'll let you know the moment it's published. Stay tuned later this week.

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