October 10, 2012

Write faster!

I received a very nice email from a fan who kindly told me to Write Faster! :-) She said that she doesn't want to wait so long in between episodes. I thought that was really nice of her to say, although I do wish I could accommodate by publishing one story per week instead of one or two stories per month. Alas, not possible right now because I still have a "real" job (but I could dump that 9-to-5 if I get a bigger fan base, folks!).

This month, I'll only be publishing one story because as you know, I've been driving the length of the state of California these first two weeks of October.

But never fear: The moment I get back to NYC, I'll work on story no. 4 -- as yet to be named -- and will publish it before the end of the month (hopefully WAY before the end of the month).

Keep those cards and letters coming: maggiewatersbooks@gmail.com. And feel free to join my mailing list (fill out the form on the right side of the page), so you'll hear before anyone else when the stories go "live" on Amazon.

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