November 6, 2012

Another sneak peek at story 4 (still untitled!)

That day at DataTrackers set off a wave of new security measures. The government has sent fleets of flightcycles into the suburbs for random patrols -- unheard of before now. The talk of it being a terrorist attack hasn’t subsided, either, and the media have fueled that fire. Whenever the TV or Internet, Inc. start the news broadcast, it always begins with some new theory on who Flex and Eden worked for: the government, a private spy agency, a terrorist group, with the latter being the most talked about. Speculation has even raged about which terrorist group they belonged to.


As much as I wish I could forget that day at DataTrackers, winter won’t let me. This season has gripped Arcadia and the suburbs with more ferocity than ever, with temperatures hovering around 15 degrees, and lower at night. The sun rarely shines, with most days bringing nothing but snow, clouds and darkness.

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