November 13, 2012

First few lines of story 4: Revised!

The story came back from the editor, and I did some reworking ... so here you go! Look for "Blood Line Zero" to be published later this week, fingers crossed. This was a tough one to write, because something major happens to our favorite character of Hope.


“Hope, listen. Do you hear them?”

I do. 

And I can see them.

The Wailers are here. 

Through the fog and light snowfall, Jake and I walk across our suburb’s main square. It’s so dark at this early hour that the blue streetlights are still illuminated, casting a watery glow over everything -- including the Wailers.

Void of emotion, the Wailers’ faces appear inhuman. It’s like they’re in a hypnotic trance, their eyes wide open and unblinking. They’re always women, never men.

With their black coats and long hair swirling in the snow and wind -- they’ve vowed not to cut it until the end of the plagues --  the Wailers draw plenty of attention. Although the police always stand by, the government has instructed them not to interfere with the Wailers unless things get unruly. So far, they’ve never endangered anyone but themselves.

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