November 25, 2012

Let me entertain you

As I sit here typing on the computer, my cat Sophia is lying next to me, as always. Right now I'm taking a look at some writing I initially did for story 4 that will, instead, appear in story 5. (I always save my drafts -- all of them!)

As a fiction writer, my goal is simple.

I want to entertain you. 

I want you to read my stories and disappear into a world I've created just for you.

I want to give you characters you can root for and enjoy getting to know.

I want to pump up the adrenaline by taking you on a thrill ride.

I want to have it all play out like a mini movie in your mind.

And if I can generate some thoughts about deeper issues along the way, that's great, too.

Let me entertain you.

If you haven't climbed aboard The Pandora Chronicles yet, on Dec. 7 and 8 I'll be offering the first story, Pandora, free on Amazon Kindle.

Mark your calendars. And you can bet I'll remind you of those dates. A few times. :-)

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