November 20, 2012

Next episodes being plotted

With the publication of story 4, Blood Line Zero, I've begun plotting the next episodes -- there will be at least three, possibly four more.

It's exciting for me to reach this point in the series. In Blood Line Zero, I revealed a major plot point on which the rest of the series will turn. It's like being in a maze, only I know how to get to the end (and the audience doesn't, hee hee).

Since I work a 9-to-5 job, I need to learn how to write faster (according to a couple of my fans!). So I bought a book about how to do just that.

I'm starting story 5 over the Thanksgiving weekend coming up. If I follow the formula for writing faster, I'll make quick work of it and have it ready to roll very soon.

So if you haven't started reading The Pandora Chronicles yet, join us -- and have some fun!

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