December 12, 2012

Oxford, I'll be there soon

Vacation is just TWO DAYS AWAY.

Anyone else feel like they need one? Whew, do I ever!

Even though I'll be on vacation, I'll still post here -- and I will be writing more adventures for Hope and Jake. Expect two new stories in The Pandora Chronicles to be published in January 2013.

Going away someplace -- anyplace, really -- makes you look at things differently when you come home. The last time I went on vacation, I came back super energized and wrote a story in just one week. I'm sure this vacation will do the same for me.

This trip starts in Paris and then on to London and Oxford. I've never been to Oxford before, so that'll be a wonderful surprise. I've see it portrayed in a lot of BBC Mysteries, like "Morse" and "Inspector Lewis." All those cobblestone streets and mysterious corners may make it into Hope and Jake's next episode of Pandora. :-)

What's fun about traveling at this time of the year is seeing all the holiday decorations. I'll try to take some good photos of the lights and post them here.

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