February 16, 2013

Coming soon: Compilation of stories 1-4

Happy Saturday, everyone! (Is it still Saturday where you are?)

I had a fun day today. Decided to take advantage of some pre-spring sales at Macy's and J. Crew. Here in NYC, the stores are often pretty crowded. But today they weren't super busy, and you know what? I actually enjoy the crowds sometimes. Makes everything seem more alive and fun.

I scored a couple of dresses (one little black dress and one maxi dress for summer) a belt and a sweater (lavender), all at 50-65 percent off the normal retail price. I'll take it!

Within the next few days, I'm going to offer stories 1-4 of The Pandora Chronicles in one volume. I'll be sure and alert you when it's ready.

I'm already writing story 6. I'm on a roll. Or maybe a bagel?

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