February 28, 2013

Have you read The Doomsday Book?

Have you read The Doomsday Book, by Connie Willis? If you like time travel, you'll love it. The author creates some really fun characters, and it's great for me because it's set in Oxford, which I visited just this past December. I'm really enjoying it, thanks to a friend of mine who recommended it to me. She's definitely a book expert: she works at Scholastic, the magical place that published Harry Potter and also The Hunger Games. Maybe The Pandora Chronicles will be next!

Speaking of The Pandora Chronicles, I'm so excited about Story 6. We're in the second half of this series now, folks. I know there will be at least Story 6 and Story 7, and there may be a Story 8 to finish it off. It just depends how much more there is for Hope and Jake to do once Story 6 is done, so this is a pivotal moment for us.

Stay tuned ...

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